Racing and Results

2 races, 1 win and a 3rd so far! We won our first race it entered! Then went into second race starting on the FIFTH ROW…but nailed start, took lead into T1 in one of the best race starts you will see…(see youtube video below at 1:04 mark)

Description and Build up

Everyone within EDR is passionate about bikes, we love challenges too. So when the time came for a new “shop project” we took on one of those bikes that seems to get a bad rap as “difficult”, an Aprilia RSV4 “factory”

When we first took delivery of the bike, the entire shop was excited, after all its an Italian V4, whats not too love right?? Well upon finally getting “into” the bike and looking it over, it became clear to us that the bike while in good overall shape and never having been crashed was very rough and been neglected. However again, it had never been crashed and did have some great components on it already like the Akrapovic EVO II titanium race exhaust, Sato billet adjustable rearsets, Brembo front brake rotors, Samco silicone radiator hoses and a Bazzaz Zfi system.

Eric and the guys spent nearly 15 hours just cleaning, servicing and updating it to get it as she should be. Simple things.. spark plugs, air box/filter cleaning, wiring rerouted properly, wheel bearings replaced, etc.

The next step was to start adding the ‘GOODS” aka the trick shit we are not only known for but we absolutely love working with!!

First thing on the list was the K-Tech 20mm SSRK Valving kit for the factory’s Ohlins RT Forks. We’ve done a bunch of these Ohlins forks as they come standard on many bikes, they lack a proper mid-valving needed. Ben completely redid the forks with new seals, Motul Factory line 5w oil, K-Tech straight rate springs set up for Eric (1.05) and re-installed at our settings of “2 lines” We then pulled the oem Ohlins steering damper to update the needle. The stock Ohlins comes with a bleed bypass which is great for street riding but on the race track wont allow you to increase dampening to a level needed. Ben once again completely rebuilt damper with updated ‘race needle” and oil, bled and re-installed. After our initial riding of the bike we really were disappointed with the rest of the chassis…the bike seemed to really “squat” under power causing it to run wide on exits and also “pumped” a lot under hard straight line acceleration. We received our K-Tech 35mm DDS Pro rear shock shortly after first test and Ben set up valving and spring rate again for Eric (10.0) and we set ride height to our base setting..while shock was out we decided to flip the factory adjustable swingarm pivots lowering the pivot.. later we would end up going back to the stock setting (+2mm). We soon hit the track again to test it out and it was night and day different! Ben made a few clicks on the shock but it was immediately better! The amount of feedback from the rear of the bike was incredible! Also when you got on the gas hard the bike no longer squatted, ran wide or pumped..just went forward!

The crew then spent the next few weeks fine tuning bike, adding new OZ Cattiva R spec forged magnesium wheels along with World Wide Ceramic wheel bearings. The “R” spec version is even lighter still than OZ’s standard Cattiva forged magnesium wheels, the crew finished the wheels off by using Pro Bolt titanium hardware and a set of the latest Dunlop US N-Tech slicks. The Braking was vastly improved by servicing the Brembo calipers, installing the Vesrah Super RJL brake pads along with Motul RBF660 brake fluid.

As for drive train we turned to our friends at Drive Systems out of Long Beach California. We have worked with Brian since 1999 and to date we have sold well over 500 of his sprockets and never 1 issue, ever! He hooked us up with his awesome new “Superlite” rear sprockets, drilled light weight fronts and a “special chain” (we will leave it at that for now).. also we added a Spears Enterprise chain holder on swing arm so when you change the rear wheel it holds chain neatly out of way, thanks Greg! We then added one of our favorite parts, Lightech’s billet chain adjusters and lifters. These lifters are great as they are much easier to lift bike onto stand, look great and much less likely to break in a crash! Plus the new adjusters not only have laser etched chain alignment marks but you can adjust the chain by your fingers! Brilliant machine work.

Tuning wise the bike went to Eric’s “chamber of noise” aka the Dyno Room.. here Eric spent a few hours fine tuning the Bazzaz zfi fuel tuning system for VP race fuel, even thou the engine is bone stock still we prefer to run VP fuels in our own bikes as it not only makes good power but is extremely consistent. The bike has a special race kit ecu with base settings by Bobby of HSBK like most the RSV4 race kit ecu’s it has much more aggressive fueling and ignition maps, throttle valve openings, traction control and launch control maps, increased over rev limit and this particular ecu has a very cool added feature of on the fly adjustable engine braking! We still prefer to fully custom map tune our bikes as we feel no two bikes are the same…plus we run various fuels, we modified our Akrapovic EVO exhaust system, etc, etc. and the Bazzaz allows us to make quick precise mapping adjustments to maintain a smooth proper air fuel ratio. We had a few issues with starting the bike (V4’s are notoriously grumpy) so we replaced the standard heavy lead acid battery with one of our EDR Edition Full Spectrum Power P2 lithium lightweight batteries. Besides dropping over 5 pounds (which on the RSV4 rides very high and back on the bike!) the bike now cranks over nearly twice as fast and you can start/stop/re-start it time and time again…these batteries really are worth every penny!!

Upon dyno completion we were happy to see she pumped out a very healthy 172 rwhp, again bone stock engine and VP race fuel. Those that know these bikes (as well as the newer R1) know these bikes do not make the big peak dyno type numbers your typical in-line 4 engines make. However we knew that was a strong healthy happy V4!

We then turned to how she looked..we had the murdered out stealthy matte black paint work but that just wasn’t representative of our shop so we called up our friends at Catalyst Composites who made us up a set of new race glass including their very cool “Superbike Seat base” this is basically a fiberglass superbike seat you bolt on like stock but have an applied foam race pad (We prefer to use HT Moto’s great seat pads). Once we fitted the bodywork and the Zero Gravity racing clear std windscreen there was only 1 place for her to go for paint… Zenners. Shawn Zenner has been a long time EDR customer and friend and also has painted nearly every one of our race or project bikes in the last few years, having done well over 30 bikes for us now. Eric came up with a rough idea for paint scheme with Shawn and he set to work on making the bike really stand out.. as you can see from the pics, Zenner once again nailed it! Absolutely stunning. Almost too pretty for a track bike as they say!

Lastly we finished adding all little details… CRG R2 clutch lever, Renthal billet Clip ons, Renthal grips, GB Racing case covers, Pro-Bolt titanium hardware, Custom EDR billet shift knuckle to reduce shift throw, Driven billet fuel cap, Sebimoto alloy fairing stay, EVO fuel tank foam, DION Device Pro billet brake protection, etc, etc.

Stay tuned as we have many more updates, parts and mods coming for this incredible bike!

K-Tech Suspension -Chris and Ken
Dunlop Tires USA -Cori and Tony
Race Tire Services -Steve and Jason
Catalyst Composites -Mike and Bonnie
Zenner Custom Paint works -Shawn
Orient Express – Skip
Full Spectrum Power – Jason
GB Racing -Graham
Bazzaz -Del and Francois
Vesrah -Nancy
Yoyodyne -Fred
Drive Systems USA -Brian
Pro Bolt USA & UK -David and Luisa
Aprilia Corse Italy
Samco -Scott
World Wide Bearings -Dave
Houston Superbikes -Bobby
Motul USA -Garrett
OZ Racing Italy
Spears Enterprises -Greg
Dion Device -Chris
Veloce Racing -Spiros
Denso Sparkplugs -Kevin















Check out the video below: