Looking for the very best trackday/race weapon? Want something lighter than a 600 yet makes more power than many 1000’s?  Then this the bike! The Suzuki GSXR 750, but not just any GSXR750, a fully built and tuned EDR Performance GSXR792!  The EDR GSXR792 are known world-wide for making unheard of power while retaining near stock maintenance and great reliability!

This particular 2008 GSXR792 is a ONE OWNER bike and was built from the ground up in 2009 by EDR Performance for a very well know, fast 70 year old track day instructor. The owner has had not 1 but 4 of these EDR 792’s over the years, that shows how amazing a bike they are! Built from the ground up in-house at EDR Performance, this GSXR 792 has put down 167rwhp and 67rwtq, and again this bike weighs less than a Yamaha R6! If you’re looking for a bike that will have people scratching their heads wondering what just ate up their liter bike than this is the bike for you! The maintenance has been overly kept up, the owner changed the oil and filter EVERY single trackday! This is way overkill but also how he has had ZERO issues ever on these 792’s. The bikes paint job is the same for the last 9 years, that shows you how it was taken care of for sure!.

This bike even just this month had over $6,000 put into it with BRAND NEW BST carbon fiber wheels, Braketech Axis SS sbk rotors, and a full IMA  Italy billet thumb rear brake system installed to match his other GSXR792….all told to replicate this bike would run well over $30,000 plus a stock 750! This one you can own for LESS than a brand new bone stock 400+lb 121rwhp 750!

This bike does require race fuel however you can simply run a 50/50 mix of pump 92 and 100 oct race fuel as we have the tuning set up to be FULLY AUTOMATED! No more guessing what fuel, no more strict you must run this fuel and no more map switches…this system is fully active and requires zero rider input or tasks to work

This motorcycle has sold. 

Again if you think about things like its reputation at the track, its been 100% maintained and serviced at EDR since day 1, 70 year old track day insturctor ADULT owner for 10 years!!  It is a steal at this price.

Some of the incredible modifications Include:

  • 2017 complete refresh of the EDR 792cc engine with about 500 miles on it (Engine has Full EDR ported head, EDR spec camshafts and springs, EDR spec JE pistons, EDR spec billet con-rods, LTM lightweight rebalanced crankshaft, ceramic transmission bearings, microfinishing on all transmission and oil pump gears, etc,
  • Full Akrapovic titanium EVO exhaust system, very rare full titanium system
  • Brand new BST carbon fiber wheels, ceramic wheel bearing upgrade
  • Brand new Braketech brake rotors, probolt titanium hardware
  • K-Tech DDS Pro pressurized fork cartridges
  • K-Tech 35DDS Pro rear shock
  • Ohlins Steering Damper
  • IMA Italy billet Thumb Rear Brake System
  • Yoshimura EMPRO race kit ECU and Harness
  • Rapidbike Race tuning system. Full Fueling, Ignition timing, Launch Control, Traction Control, Engine Braking Control, Autotuning, Quickshifter
  • BDK Race Kit Stator
  • Samco race hoses
  • GB Racing Engine Cover Set
  • Motoholders Lightweight Fairing Stay
  • Attack Billet rearsets
  • Motoholders Lightweight Subframe
  • Machined Lightweight Rear Brake Rotor