Does your motorcycle need service, tuning or even a full bad ass build? How many times have you wanted to get your bike into EDR but couldn’t find the time? EDR Performance has the solution.  

Seriously EDR, free bike pick up? Even out of state? Yep you read right, we can come to you when it’s time for some much needed servicing, tuning or taking it to the next level!
Many of our Portland area customers have said they need to get their bikes into us for much needed servicing but simply cannot find the time or a way to get it to us. Many of our track day/racers are frustrated that they have to have a trailer and/or a truck.. well worry no more. 
EDR Performance knows the value of time! Time is harder to come by than money these days. So relax, call us to schedule a pick up and discuss all the options you want to have covered, we can give you a full estimate before picking your motorcycle up.
One of our employees will show up with our new 2020 Mercedes Sprinter van we custom ordered directly from Germany, suited perfectly to transport your motorcycle safely, securely and out of the weather! 
For our out of state clients, we often have round trip packages for you (often times it’s free!)
We also offer FREE pick up on any new motorcycle. Should you want EDR to build you a bad ass street bike, a track day bike to make your friends jealous or a championship winning race bike, you know who to call…
We can connect you with one of our new dealer partners and get you better pricing than advertised! 
As always, please call for details. Some services do not include free pickup, however we are always here to help and for a small fee, can still transport your motorcycle for you. Give us a call and see how we can help you and your motorcycle out! 
Save your valuable time off of work and life for other things like actually riding! Leave the transport to us! EDR Performance handle all of your motorcycle needs without you ever leaving the house!