Often Overlooked: Your Motorcycle’s Brake Setup

Everyday we’re bombarded with the same questions.

What exhausts can I get to make my bike faster? How much are engine builds? How much are ECU and or dyno tunes? These are all questions we can answer but sometimes we wish our customers would ask more.


Before you upgrade any hardware, brake fluid maintenance is often the most overlooked. If you’re a street rider, you should at least properly bleed your brakes with good brake fluid once a year and every other weekend if you’re racing or a heavy track day rider. You don’t have to go overboard and buy the most expensive brake fluid as consistent maintenance is key for your application. Know your style of riding so you don’t show up with ten year old brake fluid or throwing your money away on expensive unnecessary brake fluid!    


Most, if not all manufacturers will have to cut corners for budgeting reasons, one of those many things can be their brake line setup. Rubber is what comes on your bike

from the factory and it expands under pressure when you brake, which over time leads to wear. Stainless steel braided lines do not expand under pressure, deterioration and heat will therefore have less of an effect over time.

Brands like CoreMoto and Spiegler are heavily involved in racing, as years of research and development has shown what’s most important in creating an awesome product! Both brands are from the U.S and have lifetime warranties. We love working with the guys from both companies and they share our enthusiasm for all riders!


When you upgrade your lines you will also need to upgrade your pads as the what comes with the bike are mostly organic budget pads that provide little feel and stopping power. Your riding style again is key in know what pads will work best for you, as different compounds are designed for different types of riding. If you’re a street rider you’ll want pads that work well in lower temperature or heat up quickly. Race pads needs to be ridden more aggressively to generate the heat needed work properly. Again, it’ll boil down on how you’re riding, there’s no one pad to rule them all.


Unless you’re running extremely old brake rotors, modern stock/OEM rotors work extremely well. You can opt to have fully floating high end brake rotors (like Braketech or Brembo) but what comes stock on most modern sport bikes will work fine unless you’re throwing a leg over a bike in a race team….


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