2014+ Kawasaki Ninja JB4 POWER MAGTAN MAGNESIUM WHEEL SET F. 3.50" X 17" - R. 4.50" X 17"

$ 3,356.13
Gun Metal
Gloss Black
Matte Black
Semi Gloss Black


JB4 released in 2008, was derived in a continuous trial and error process and is the unstinted result of all our research & development, know-how, and wheel technology since the debut of MAGTAN in 1999.
Although it is the lightest publicly available MAGTAN wheel, with its ideal balance of high rigidity, excellent impact and corrosion resistance, road-following ability, and appropriate elasticity, JB4 proudly positions itself as the ultimate commercial race wheel.


*Special Order Only, delivery can take several weeks. 

Price can change due to currency exchange rates, shipping will apply. 

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