EDR, Performance, Chain, Alignment, Tool

$ 125.00
Vendor: EDR Performance

Available: Sold out

SKU: edr-chainalignment

This tool was designed to help you easily and accurately align the rear wheel on your motorcycle. No more trusting the inaccurate notches on the swingarm, this tool is very simple to use. Just loosen the screw knobs on each end, adjust the slider so that each cap is resting in the swingarm pivot and rear axle then tighten the knobs. Then check the other side to make sure it lines up at the same point and you are good to go.
Made from high quality materials in the USA, we have been using these tools in our shop for nearly 20 years, and wouldn't use anything else!
**These are available for local sale, please allow time to order if out of stock.**

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