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EDR Performance celebrates 26 years in 2024!

For OVER 26 years, EDR Performance has been the go to motorcycle service, performance and maintenance facility in the greater Portland Metro area. Riders have come to us since 1998!
Founded in 1994 out of his college home 1 car garage, then out of his families local motorcycle shop (D&S Cylces) EDR Performance founder, Eric Dorn left the family motorcycle business as the 3rd generation to set out on his own. 

Now in their 26th years, EDR Performance has grown year after year into our current 16,000sqft location. EDR Performance prides itself on having the best in customer service and quality of work on all brands of motorcycles. From an everyday commuting bike needing tires, oil change or battery to a full blown national championship winning race bikes built from the ground up, EDR Performance can handle all your motorcycle parts, accessory and servicing needs! Full Dyno tuning facility in our state of the art dyno tuning, Full suspension room, Also 3D design & printing in house! Whatever your Motorcycle needs

EDR Performance Staff: 2024

-Founder/Engines/Ecu/Dyno: Eric Dorn 

-General Manager: Gary Guinn 

-Service Manager/Tech: Chris Cuoco 

-Lead Race Engineer/Data/Tech: Jon Schiereck

-Technician: Daniel Pileggi 

-Sales Manager/Online Sales: Andrew Gilpatrick 

**Now hiring Contact us to join**


EDR Performance is pleased to announce the launch of our online store!

We developed our store to help fill a void in the motorcycling community - a place where we can bring to you only the very best quality service, products and apparel. EDR Performance is known worldwide for our attention to detail in servicing some of the best motorcycles around and everything we sell reflects this.
From selling the same tools we use everyday in our shop, to our in-house ECU tuning and even our clothing, you'll find these to be the finest products around. If we don't use it ourselves and can't stand behind it.. we won't sell it!
We know not everyone can enjoy coming into our shop and yet here they can still find the very best for their motorcycle here on edrperformance.com!

EDR Performance Indoor Storage added for 2024

EDR Performance is now offering monthly Indoor Secure storage for your motorcycle.

We solved the need for Portland Metro Area motorcyclist wanting indoor secure storage with our recent expansion. EDR Performance now in its 26th year has become the go to place for all things motorcycling and now we are happy to announce the ability to safety store your motorcycle indoors on a charger and more!

We offer 3 storage plans. Month to Month, Quarterly and Annually to fit your needs. We have the ability to store your street or racing motorcycle year round if needed. 

Often times those that have a racing or trackday motorcycle have no place to store them and inside a trailer OUTSIDE IS A HUGE NO NO! In Oregon we get below freezing often, in fact just this month (1/14/2024) the Portland Metro Area hit -5* with the windchill!  As you may not know all racing and most trackday motorcycles do NOT HAVE ANTIFREEZE! This means anything below 32* will freeze and we can reshare many a horror stories of riders going to start their motorcycle in the spring only to find they have severely damaged it, often times cracking the cylinder head or block. 

Another issue with racing or track day motorcycles and storing them in your homes garage is the smell. Racing and track day motorcycles often run race fuel and even if you "flush" it with pump gas, you will still have a VERY strong smell in your typical home's 1-3 car garage...not good. 


Lastly a huge benefit to having EDR Performance store your motorcycle is ease of service and maintenance! While your bike is stored, you can simply contact us to have us prep it for the upcoming track day or race, we can check fluids and tires before you pick it up for your first long adv ride or street ride, as well as, its always there for when you decide to modify, update or add something new to your ride...No loading your bike up...driving across town in traffic to bring your motorcycle in, simply give us a call or email and we will take care of it for you!

For more than 26 years EDR Performance has brought to the market top name brands, proven service, and the highest quality items. Whether you are a die-hard daily rider or first time rider, EDR Performance is here to help you! 

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