Dyno Tuning

A dyno-tune is done by using a dynamometer to
check and adjust your bike's ignition & fuel supply
to achieve the most possible horsepower and torque
while maintaining an optimal air-fuel ratio and rideability.
Before testing, your bike should be in good condition with the fuel type we are tuning for already in the tank. 
Tuning services require a fuel controller or ECU reflash to make fuel and ignition mapping changes.
EDR will inspect the motorcycle before loading it onto dyno.
EDR reserves the right to refuse Dyno services to any bikes deemed unsafe or dangerous
Depending on the application, we will tune accordingly. 
For example,
if you are riding a dual-sport we will tune the bike for the smoothest possible ride and comfort. 
If we are tuning for a road racing bike,
we will tune if for maximum HP that is ridable
while maintaining smooth delivery of power and to ensure you are
smoking the competition!
Dyno Service Prices:
$225 for Baseline service- get power, torque, & air/fuel reading and print dyno chart
$425 for single map tuning on a bike that has a fuel controller installed or previous ECU flash
Pricing for tuning requiring ECU reflash or parts installation can vary in pricing.
Dual Mapping can be added/tuned on MOST bikes
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