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$ 395.00
Micro-Finishing Process in-house at EDR Performance

Any time two metal parts come into contact, the resulting friction causes heat to build up. These high temperatures lead to wear over time, reduce efficiency and eventually create the need for replacement. By creating a smooth and shiny finish, the Micro-Finishing process increases the life expectancy and efficiency of moving metal parts. Increased life expectancy translates into both lower operating costs as well as improved performance. Micro-Finishing is a process which uses high density, non-abrasive ceramic media and conventional vibratory finishing equipment along with specific chemical compounds in which batches of parts can be processed at the same time.

The Micro-Finishing process removes the surface asperities inherent in machining processes. By safely removing these microscopic peaks, the Micro-Finish process leaves a highly uniform surface which reduces friction and allows for increased lubrication capability. While the dimensional integrity remains intact, the result is an improved component that will operate at lower temperatures, have increased durability, more quiet operation and increased time between maintenance while decreasing power robbing friction. 

  • Less inertia = Less friction = Less fuel consumption + More power
  • Reduction of friction of metal to metal contact parts = Less wear and contact fatigue
  • Lower operating temperatures = Increased power output and efficiency
  • Increased durability = Lower replacement costs and fewer failures

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Improved bending fatigue resistance
  • Reduced lubrication maintenance
  • Quieter operation
  • Reduces rotational torque
  • No metallurgical degradation

Complete Transmission (out of engine) includes, tear down of all gears, clips, bushings, inspection of parts, cleaning and Micro-finishing. Complete reassembly with new oem clips and shims if required (may incur additional labor cost).
Other engine parts can be included for an additional cost. Please contact us for more information  
-Oil pump Gears 
-Camshafts and valve buckets: priced by number of valves
-Piston Wrist pins 
*Additional or one off parts upon request 
Typical turn around time is 3-5 business days. If replacement gears needed EDR Performance offers all oem and aftermarket options.
Dirty/Greasy Parts requiring cleaning before starting microfinish will incur a $25 minimum cleaning fee
Damaged parts may be rejected from process
Return shipping includes $200 insurance, if you require more contact us directly.

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