EDR Performance is known mostly for the race & track bike builds; we also offer regular services and upgrades for many modern Japanese & European street bikes.
We do not service Harley-Davidsons, scooters/mopeds, carbureted motorcycles, dirt bikes, or any vehicle with more than two wheels.
We work with many distributors and manufacturers to attain OEM and aftermarket parts, we even make some things in-house on our 3D printers!
Since 1994 EDR has been a premier shop for all your modern street, sport, touring, and racing motorcycles.
We offer in-house dyno tuning & ECU reflashing in addition to engine rebuilds/upgrades, parts installations, oil changes, spark plug replacements, valve adjustments, tire changes, suspension upgrades and settings, insurance estimate preparations and many more services!
Whether you are a new rider or have lost count of your laps we are here ready to assist you!

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