Bonamici, Kawasaki, Z750, / Z1000, Rearsets, (07-12)

$ 499.99

Bonamici Kawasaki Z750 / Z1000 Rearsets (2007-2012) are made using Aluminium Billet CNC Technology. Rearsets use Bearings to completely eliminate Friction on the foot lever and feature a spring-loaded rear brake lever return. All rearsets are available in standard Black Anodized finish making them Strong, Attractive, and Resistant to Mechanical or Chemical Wear.

World Superbike Proven Kawasaki Z750 / Z1000 (07-12) All Spare Parts Available

High Grip Footpeg / Fixed Toe Peg

(UHG Race Footpeg & Folding Toe Peg Available)

Standard & Reversible "GP" Shift

(adjustable shift linkage)

Foot Peg Insert Colors Optional

(*Requires Optional Brake Pressure Switch to Retain Rear Brake Light)

Highly Adjustable >>

100% Made in Italy

Adjustable Forward(-) & Back(+) : +15mm, +25mm, +35mm

Adjustable Down(-) & Up(+) : +5mm, +15mm, +25mm

Lightweight Design

Part: BON-K009

MOTO-D is the exclusive North American Distributor for Bonamici Racing Italy. For more info visit


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