Domino A450 green and black motorcycle grips

$ 24.95
Domino A450 black and green motorcycle racing grips

The A450 was created with the aim of completing the range for racing-road use, where every rider has personal and particular needs.


For this reason it was necessary to put in place twenty years of experience in the field of dual compound grips, in which it is a pioneer, and care for ergonomics that has distinguished it for over fifty years. Here are some features of the new grips:


- two materials with different hardness and colors: a harder heart to make the grip on the handlebar stable and a softer outer coat to promote maximum grip in all conditions. In areas more subject to wear and tear such as the flange, the outer edge and an extreme portion, the harder material emerges outside, better supporting the hand and reducing the more localized wear on the knob;


- new external multiconic finish, which allows exceptional and constant grip - even in wet conditions - with progressive wear of the knob. This is possible thanks to its particular shape in the world of knobs, the result of months of studies and tests in all conditions;


- a slightly higher grip diameter than the A010, designed for those who prefer a slightly larger ergonomic grip;


- three seats for fixing with the iron wire, of which the innermost can be considered to adapt the socket to the shorter accelerator tubes of the Japanese motorcycles.

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