ECU Re-Flash Tuning BMW by EDR Performance

$ 399.00
EDR Handheld device

World Famous EDR PERFORMANCE ECU Flashing + Tuning service for your BMW Motorcycle!

Don't be fooled by the "BidenTunes" out there that flood the market with massive advertising campaigns, do the research and read the reviews! Anyone can whip out an ecu flash but do they stand behind the tuning? Do they actually pick up the phone when you have questions on your tune? Do they actually have a full service retail and racing shop? Have they been in business since 1995? Do they have hundreds of championships? WE DO! That is why so many BMW owners come to us, PROVEN RESULTS PROVEN CUSTOMER SERVICE! 
Almost all current BMW models. 

Please note if you have any questions or specific needs for us about ECU flashing, or any other product please contact us

EDR Performance is pleased to announce 3 ways to tune your BMW Motorcycle!

1. Mail in:  You can simply mail your ecu in (Pick your model below) and we will custom flash for you and typically ship back within 1 business day.

2. ON Bike/At your home/shop:  This new option is for those that live out of our area and want the ability to load our custom maps themselves, have multiple maps made for their motorcycle and the ability to put their motorcycle back to stock. This will require you choose "EDR Handheld Device" in the drop down after picking your model, we will ship you the EDR Handheld device with your corresponding connection cable. Once you get the unit you will read your oem original file, email us it and we will create your custom tune. We email you your new EDR Tuned File and you simply connect and up load! You can always return it to stock at any time (especially before ANY dealership/warrant/recall work!). The unit is paired to your ecu/vin and cannot be used on any other motorcycle once you read out the stock file. You can always return your bike back to 100% STOCK per your saved file in the handheld. Then if you have to take into dealer you wont have any issues along with the fact once you get it back you have our tuned file in your handheld to quickly and easily upload it back into your bike! 

More information is found here on the handheld device


3: In person at EDR Performance world HQ, of course we still dyno tune more bike that any else in our state of the art INC temperature and noise controlled dyno cell facility like we have for nearly 30 years. Doing at our shop allows you to just have us bench flash and tune so no handheld is needed, or you can purchase handheld as well to always have both your maps, read/clear codes, etc.  It is always best is to call/message us to discuss this with you and schedule. 


Remember, anyone can "flash" your ecu, we actually do more than almost any other shop in the country and have OVER 30 years of Dyno tuning! We have been tuning ECU and Motorcycles longer than most other guys have even been alive!. Along with the fact we actually have and use a Dyno to develop our ECU specs and settings in house! We can also on some models include a perfectly match fuel map to work with your specific exhaust (call or email for details)  We also offer full customer support via email or phone after the flash. In addition we offer a free 30 day changes and or adjustments that you may need. 

These flashed ECU maps are the very same ones we use on our championship-winning bikes! We have multiple national championships, numerous overall club championships and thousands of individual class championships along with multiple track records! Our work on the dyno and race track translates to you the customer getting the very best ECU flash available! Do not settle for cheap cookie cutter flashes by some shop you've never heard or or that doesn't tune on the dyno or doesn't work at over 40+ track events a year with their clients 1:1.. demand quality! The ECU is extremely vital part of your motorcycle. 

Depending on your motorcycle, you will see anywhere from +5 rwhp to over 45 rwhp!  We remove all throttle and timing restrictions on the bike from the factory that limit your bikes potential. We are extremely dedicated to reliability and ride-ability first and foremost! 

Various options we provide depending on your bike include: *not all options available on every make/model  **NOT ALL features are available on all models. 

  • Remove throttle based restrictions
  • Remove all speed and gear based restrictions
  • Optimize ignition timing for your octane fuel
  • Quicker throttle response
  • Reduced Engine Braking
  • Adjustable radiator fan temps for more efficient cooling
  • Increased Engine Idle 
  • Raise or lower rpm limit
  • Disable Steering damper if race damper used, eliminate check engine lights
  • Increase effectiveness of oem Steering damper if using
  • Disable check engine codes common post performance modes
  • Adjust opening point on bikes with variable velocity stack
  • Quick shifter option (contact us for sensors to work with this feature)
  • Disabling the factory air injection system
  • Correct factory Speedometer for gearing changes
  • Remove cold start on 2021+ BMW S and M-class motorcycles


Contact us if you are uncertain where the  ECU is located. Most ECUs can be removed with simple hand tools and under 15 mins. 

*Be sure to include your email contact with ECU! Once we receive your ECU we will contact you via email with questions on make, model, modifications, type of use, fuel used and other options that may pertain to your motorcycle if necessary. 

The drop down menu below for models. Model YEARS are not listed, please contact us before you send your ECU to see if you can flash the specific year!

We insure each returned ecu and require a signature for delivery.  International customers please email us before sending your ECU for flashing 

NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES on any ecu tune/flash. Handheld devices have no refund or return policy as well once box is opened. ECU return shipping is 100% signature required NO exceptions and $500 insurance, if you want to insure for more please arrange so ahead of time or make a note upon ordering, additional insurance or rush shipping is additional cost. International customers please email/contact us BEFORE sending in your ecu. Please note This service is strictly for non-road registered motorcycles used only in racing and off highway use. We adhere to the highest standards of tuning for performance while prioritizing reliability and rideability.

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