ECU Re-Flash Triumph

$ 599.00
This Flash requires 1 of 2 things, you must have a handheld device for an additional $295 or the bike has to be here for the flash.

EDR PERFORMANCE ECU Flashing service including return shipping!
Triumph models are listed in the options below. 

Yes we can Flash the NEW Daytona 765 Moto2

Please note if you have any questions or specific needs for us about ECU flashing, or any other product please call us T-F 9-6 PST Sat 9-5 PST)



 Your motorcycle will have our custom specifications along with what your application may require.   We offer more than almost any other shop in the country along with the use of our own Dyno to develop our ECU specs and settings.   

On some models, we can include a perfectly match fuel map to work with your specific exhaust 

We also offer full customer support via email or phone after the flash. In addition, we offer free 30 day changes and or adjustments that you may need. We can return the ECU to stock if needed, free of charge as well.

These flashed ECU maps are the very same ones we use on our championship-winning bikes! We have multiple national championships, numerous overall club championships, and thousands of individual class championships along with multiple track records!

Our work on the dyno and race track translates to you the customer getting the very best ECU flash available! Do not settle for cheap cookie-cutter flashes by some shop that you can't prove their physical location and or they are working out of their garage. 

EDR PERFORMANCE works over 40+ track events a year with their clients 1:1.. demand quality! The ECU is an extremely vital part of your motorcycle. 

Depending on your motorcycle, you will see anywhere from +5 rwhp to over 55 rwhp!  We remove all throttle and timing restrictions on the bike from the factory that limit your bikes potential. We are extremely dedicated to reliability and ride-ability first and foremost! 

Various options we provide depending on your bike include:

  • Remove throttle based restrictions
  • Raise torque limiters
  • Raise load limiters
  • Default to "A" mode (bike starts in A mode, Yamaha only)
  • Remove all speed and gear based restrictions
  • Optimize ignition timing for 91-92 octane fuel (or race fuel)
  • Quicker throttle response
  • Reduced Engine Braking
  • Load PC5 or Bazzaz fuel maps directly into your ECU (or custom mapping)
  • Adjustable radiator fan temps for more efficient cooling
  • Increased Engine Idle *available on some models
  • Raise or lower rpm limit
  • Disable Steering damper if race damper used, eliminate check engine lights
  • Increase the effectiveness of OEM Steering damper if using
  • Disable check engine codes common on some bikes (coil code for GSXR)
  • Adjust opening point on bikes with a variable velocity stack
  • Quick shifter option (contact us for sensors to work with this feature)
  • Disabling the factory air injection system
  • Correct factory Speedometer for gearing changes


Contact us if you are uncertain where the  ECU is located. Most ECUs can be removed with simple hand tools and under 15 mins. 

*Be sure to include your email contact with ECU! Once we receive your ECU we will contact you via email with questions on make, model, modifications, type of use, fuel used and other options that may pertain to your motorcycle if necessary. 

The drop-down menu below for models. Model YEARS are not listed, please contact us before you send your ECU to see if you can flash the specific year!

INCLUDED IN PRICE IS FREE RETURN SHIPPING!  We insure each returned ecu and require a signature. If your ECU requires more or you would like more insurance please contact us first, this is available at an additional cost. International customers, please email us before sending your ECU for flashing 

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