EDR Clutch kit: ZX-10R ZX-10RR 2011-2024

$ 435.00 $ 500.00
OPTIONAL upgrade to Race Kit reusable steel gasket
Upgraded +10% stronger clutch springs (Recommended for drag racing or very high HP applications only)
FINALLY available to the public and ease of drop in!
Eric Dorn, our companies president and engine builder extraordinaire has decided to pre-assemble his complete clutch kit for the ZX10R/RR bikes from 2011+ after years of research and real world testing on tracks around the world. 
The ZX10R/RR is an amazing bike! However, one of the biggest shortcomings is its OEM slipper clutch set up. We see the oem set up working fine for everyday use, street riding with the stock 180 rwhp, however when you take these bikes to the track or if you have added more power like the EDR Performance ECU tune and EDR Performance Velocity stacks, you will soon find the clutch very soft and most often will start to slip after just a few laps! Especially once you get to over 200 rwhp! Plus with our kit and install notes you will have a SMOOTHER entry into every corner! Say goodbye to chatter on downshifts/entering a corner.

Eric has developed a kit over the last 12 years of ZX10R/RR's and has used it successfully in over 250 ZX10R/RR's!. It is 100% drop in and uses only OEM Friction plates! This is 100% the exact setup we run on all our EDR Built/Tuned ZX10R/RR's including those that have shattered track records, racked up numerous championships and podiums at the MotoAmerica STK1000 class!
Don't be fooled by the others selling aftermarket friction plates, the OEM plates are hands down the best and more consistent. Our EDR ZX10R/RR Clutch kit contains only OEM steels and friction plates as well as oem clutch cover gaskets (Either Stock or the Race Kit multiple use ones) 
 We change the overall stack height to improve grip and also help again on deceleration/corner entry.  We also upgraded the clutch to include the OEM Race Kit anti-chatter spring plate! No one else does this or offers a 100% install and win kit!

Overall your clutch will now feel smoother and give you more feedback, especially on downshifts and corner entry.  The entire kit is drop in and can be done by a competent mechanic in under 1 hour. Below are some tips however this is to be installed by a technician, we cannot provide after sale technical support, you need to have someone do it that knows how to do a clutch or use an oem manual and these tips. 
***you simply install the EDR clutch kit per stock stock, however we change the plates around, if you have a manual its easy. Here is the order you install  *MUST SOAK FRICTIONS IN FRESH OIL FOR MIN 1 hr.  Also do not reuse old oil, dont be a cheap f**k, replace your engine oil with the new clutch kit. 
FIRST IN (center of engine)  
2-Anti Chatter spring plate steel
3- alternate friction/steel plates
4. last friction is offset in hub grooves per OEM manual
5. Install EDR or OEM Clutch springs
6. EDR spring Hats (replace your oem ones) 
7. new oem gasket
8. Ensure you have free play at lever of @5mm

**OPTIONAL: We can substitute the oem clutch cover gasket to the race kit multi use steel gasket. Additional $60

**NOTES: Highly suggest you cut off 3 ears on 2 of the inner springs. You must be a trained tech to do so, however if your shop/tuner knows how to remove center clutch main nut (27mm) underneath are QTY 4 of the "3 finger spider springs" and your tech will cut off the 3 ears on the outer 2 springs, the inner 2 springs have all 3 fingers each. Then must red loc-tite and torque center clutch nut. Again if you do not know how, DO NOT DO IT. EDR does not offer any technical advice or support on this. 

Then once all done and springs install and tight, cover on, readjust the clutch cable so that you have about 5mm "slop" or free play in the clutch lever on handlebars

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