EDR Honda CBR1000RR-R SP 2020 - 2024 Velocity Stacks Honda SC82

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EDR Performance 2020+ CBR1000RR-R SP Velocity stacks!

Get OVER 14 RWHP at 14,000rpm and a peak overall gain of +10 rwhp NO mapping changes required and less than 30 min install time!

We all love the latest Fireblade, aka CBR1000RR-R, they make great power, but they are REV'ER'S! They love to run 8000-14,500 rpm! 

The EPA has created tighter and more stringent emissions requirements for bikes (not just exhaust emissions but NOISE emissions), Honda and other manufacturers have had to shrink their intakes and exhausts just to get the bike on the dealership floor.  That's where we come in...

This latest EDR CBR1000RR-RR (SC82)  designed & produced velocity stack kit improves power throughout the entire RPM range, we worked especially hard to keep the midrange and the smoothest straight line like power band but also allow her to really sing and keep breathing well past 14,000 to give it an insane top end!

The stock bike makes "ok" low end and midrange but loves to rev, however due to OEM mandated restrictions, the oem velocity stacks hurt the bike and it falls on its face up top! We kept the same power and torque curve as close as possible to the stock set up to ensure you have a smooth power band, however as you can see with our stacks the power does not drop off at the top end! It continues well past 14,500 rpm! We have seen gains of OVER 14 rwhp with NO OTHER MODS!

Dyno chart in picture is a 2021 CBR1000RR-R with stock engine (only EDR cam timing was done) a Full Akrapovic Evo exhaust, DNA air filter and VP u4.4 100oct fuel. Back to back runs within 30 mins on a 28% humidity 77f temp dyno room. NO changes were made to the HRC race kit ecu for the back to back runs

The fact our owner/engine builder/world famous tuner, Eric Dorn is a huge Honda/CBR fan, he spent extra time developing these gen stacks. 

Dont be fooled by cheap "plastic" stacks (PLA) that are not up to the heat or chemicals, let alone the fact those are not even real world tested in an actual dyno tuning facility at a genuine race shop! velociThese velocity stacks have been done 100% IN HOUSE! Yes, everyone of our stacks are done in house here at EDR Performance. First simulated with our Solid Works software, then extensively tested on our in house dyno with both the stock ecu and our flashed unrestricted ecu program. Eric is able to take from the 3D room to our in-house state of the art Dyno facility room to test back to back to back... once confirmed, we back them up on the street & race track. Finally, they are finished in house for production sale. They are produced on the latest MarkForged machines with only the BEST ONXY +Carbon filament. Impervious to chemicals such as race fuel and have the highest temp of any material available well past the oem plastic formed stacks. Most others use cheap abs or other materials that may look cool but will cause damage or fail on you! 

*stacks are not available in colors, only black due to the Onxy+ Carbon filament *

Kit Includes:
1x Right Velocity Stack
1x Left Velocity Stack
1x Thread Lock packet



These products are intended for closed course off road competition use only. Use of this product for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. Buyer assumes all responsibility to local laws, regulations and use.  Racing parts are never legal for sale or use in California or any pollution controlled vehicle.

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