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"Simply remove oem airbox lid, and/or aftermarket filter lid. Remove oem stack/stacks. Install the EDR stacks utilizing the oem bolts, simply be sure to use RED Loc-Tite like compound on the bolts. If you are replacing just the one, 78mm you would install on the rear cylinder and keep the front cylinder the oem stack. If you are replacing both the rear is 78mm and the front is the shorter 63mm. Trackday or street riders looking for the most top end may opt to install 2 x the shorter 63mm stacks"

Add another 3 rwhp along the engine rpm range and see up to 5-6hp at peak revs by adding our EDR KTM Velocity stack kit! Our velocity stack kit has been developed in house at EDR Performance on our software programming as well as on our in-house dyno! The kit is designed for use in the OEM airbox or aftermarket air box delete kits such as the very well made Rottweiler intake filter kit. Our intake kits come complete with 2 velocity stacks. One EDR 78mm velocity stack for the rear cylinder, one EDR 63mm velocity stack for the front.  We found the staggered height to not only produce the most overall power, but the smoothest powerband!  Those wanting outright performance up top (will sacrifice a little low end power, below 5,000rpm) can opt for the "High Rev Version" that includes 2 x 63mm stacks. 

Combinations are as follows: (First number being the front cylinder velocity stack length)

  • 100/100 - Stock intake stack heights
  • 76/76 - Improved power overall compared to 100/80 configuration, Great on overall power with a slight bump in top end. Great for touring, adventure setups. Works with the very well made popular Rottweiler Performance intake system/filter
  • 76/63 - Starting to shift the power towards the upper mid-range. Great for fast street bike riders, or even off road as the power mellows out down low, becoming more tractable off road.
  • 63/63 - This is our most popular set up as it makes good power everywhere especially up top! Off road and adventure guys like that this combo mellows out the low end power, shifting it up higher to give a softer throttle response and better grip in low grip situations down low. 

EDR KTM Stacks are not just "shorter" we spent a lot of time and wasted a lot of material developing what we found to be the best throat diameter, overall height and taper on the bell mouth giving it 180 degree opening. These changes allowed us to achieve a much smoother intake flow as well as increasing the air velocity. We took one of the greatest engines out there and simply improved how they run! 


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