EDR Performance Clutch Kit : Kawasaki Ninja 400, ex400, Clutch Upgrade Kit

$ 235.00 $ 280.00
OUR BEST SELLING CLUTCH KIT! Over 150 sold, used, raced with world wide!
The 400 Ninja is an amazing bike! However, one of the biggest shortcomings is its OEM clutch set up. We see these working fine for everyday use, street riding with the stock 35-40rwhp, however when you take these bikes to the track or if you have added more power like the EDR Performance ECU tune and EDR Performance Velocity stacks, you will soon find the clutch very soft and most often will start to slip after just a few laps!

We have developed a kit that is 100% drop in and uses only OEM Friction plates! Don't be fooled by the others selling aftermarket friction plates, the OEM are hands down the best and more consistent. Our EDR 400 Clutch kit contains only OEM steels and friction plates! We add over 30% more friction area and increase the spring rate 15%. Overall your clutch will now feel smoother and give you more feedback, especially on downshifts as well as increased grip/less chance to slip due to the 30% increase in surface area. We include an OEM clutch cover gasket as well. The entire kit is drop in and can be done by competent mechanic in under 1 hour time. Below is some tips however this is to be installed by a technician, we cannot provide after sale technical support, you need to have someone do it that knows how to do a clutch or use an oem manual and these tips. 
***you simply install the EDR clutch kit per stock stock, however we change the plates around, if you have manual its easy. Here is the order you install 
FIRST IN (center of engine)  
1-Wide friction plate
2-Wide Steel plate 2.3mm thick
3-Wide friction plate
4-Wide Steel plate 2.0 thick
5-Wide Friction plate
6-Wide Steel plate 2.0
7--SKINNY friction plate
8--SKINNY steel plate
9--SKINNY friction plate (last one, outside of bike) 
10. Install the outer plate, be sure to get it right!! If you install the outer plate and the 3 springs then the clutch plates/pack will be tight, no slop. If you can wiggle the plates after you install the springs, you did it wrong. 

This kit or any clutch is meant to be installed by a technician. Make sure you soak the clutch in oil first and also get the offset on the outer/last plates per the manual (again use the service manual)

Then once all done and springs install and tight, cover on, readjust the clutch cable so that you have about 5mm "slop" or free play in the clutch lever on handlebars

Enjoy we have sold over 100 of these kits and they work great, by far one of the must do for the 400 ninja! 

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