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Did you know that you can vastly improve the performance of your motorcycle's OEM rear shock for a fraction of the price of an aftermarket one? EDR Performance has been revalving and respringing OEM rear shocks for years now with nothing but glowing feedback from customers. Both street and track riders alike have noticed a dramatic improvement in their suspension.

The Problem:

Most motorcycles come with shocks that have to fit a wide variety of rider's needs. From lightweight 120lb riders up to large 250lbs+, the stock shock has to offer reasonable performance for everyone so they include a wide ranging valve stack and a progressive spring. The tradeoff is that the shock does not work particularly well for any one weight and riding style.

The Solution:

EDR Performance has developed our own in-house valving to give you much improved feedback and performance on the road. We replace all the internal seals and change the oil to the highest quality Motul Factory Line shock oil. We also replace the progressive(in many cases) rear shock spring with a linear rate K-Tech high quality spring exactly for your weight and riding style. This give you a rear shock that is designed specifically for you and not just a "close enough" set up.


How the process works:

  • Select your bike from the list below. If you can't find your bike on the list, e-mail us, it is still possible we can improve your stock rear shock.
  • In the comments box, please include your weight (without riding gear) and intended use (street, street/trackdays, trackday only, race only, etc)
  • Remove your rear shock from your motorcycle and package it up, being sure to include enough padding to prevent damage. Mail it to the address provided. Within 3 business days, we will have your shock revalved, resprung, serviced, and shipped back.

Please Note:

The 2004-2006 Yamaha R1 require a complete custom-made piston valve assembly to be added to this unit. Once selected, it will automatically be added to your cart.

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