EDR Suzuki GSXR750 2011-2024 Velocity Stacks

$ 375.00

These velocity stacks have been simulated in house on our Solid Works software, then same day tested on our dyno with both the stock ecu and our in house flashed unrestricted ecu. Finally we have them tested on the race track for real world feedback. 

This stack kit improves power throughout the entire RPM range, (see charts and graph) improves torque and top end horse power for the most linear effective power curve. We see almost +10 rwhp on the top end of a stock engine bike, should you have a built engine or even better, an EDR792 you'll realize even bigger gains over the stock velocity stacks. 

We never rush our products to the market like others, nor do we claim results without proof! Notice how the others don't even have a Dyno to test? They rely solely on computer software. While we utilize the same software we also always real world test them as we have found that the bike often will react differently than what the computer says will work best. Real world results! 

We work hard to mimic the stock power band to maintain a smooth throttle response. This gives you, the rider, the confidence to get on the throttle sooner with a more predictable throttle response as well as gaining a lot more top end power and speed!

*stacks are not available in colors, only black due to the Onxy+ Carbon filament *

These kits do not contain instructions, they are intended for race technician installation.

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