Front Wheel O.Z. Racing - GASS Aluminum 6 Spoke - Suzuki- GSX-R 1000 (ABS) / GSX-R 1000R - (Years - 2017-2020)

$ 1,099.95
Vendor: EDR Performance

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SKU: H3052SU3501N

Gloss Black Anodized
Techno Black Anodized
Techno Gold Anodized
Titanium Anodized

  • Road 
  • 6 spoke
  • Near-Net Shape Forging + Heat Treatment + Shot Peening + HLT
  • Aluminium Alloy
  • Bearings, bushings, spacers, valve, disc holder flanges.
  • Width 3,50"
  • 17" Diameter
  •  Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery if necessary.  

Straight from the SBK tracks and now available in a road version. The lightest aluminum alloy wheel for road use. It leverages all of the extreme customizations developed on the race tracks, including shaving weight off the HLT inner rim and the two-section spokes. No compromises made on this wheel. Also available with an exclusive titanium finish.

FEM (finite element method) designed to minimize weight and increase strength and rigidity.

Reduced wheel weight decreases the moment of inertia which results in quicker acceleration and braking, lowers un-sprung weight and gyroscopic effect to provide quicker turn-in and more positive handling.

Specially treated billet aluminum alloy is bi-directionally forged, resulting in a more uniform and stronger metal structure.

Heat treating, shot peening and CNC finishing are done in house resulting in an extremely lightweight and rigid wheel.

Included parts: quality sealed bearings, aluminum valve stems, aluminum axle spacers (as applicable).



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