IMA Special parts TBS Thumb Brake RACING System Complete

$ 910.00
Mounting Style

EDR PERFORMANCE now an official partner with IMA. 

Product aimed at track enthusiast : the TBS (Thumb Brake System) introduced a new riding style with many advantages, mostly thanks to the better braking sensitivity offered by the thumb respect to the foot. Recently, this riding style became a real trend for track enthusiasts, in fact, once you get the necessary confidence with the operating lever, the thumb brake allows to control the bike even in cornering and to control the engine power output.

The strengths of the TBS system lie in the versatility of its structure, which offers many possibilities for setting and adjusting in order to exploit the layout of the bike (Important Note: the evaluation of the spaces available on the bike for mounting the TBS has to be cared by customer before purchasing). Thanks to the 4 setups offered (Base, Elite, Racing, Complete) this product can be applied both on the bar tube and the fork, and also allows to reuse the OEM rear master cylinder, avoiding additional costs (provided that the OEM master cylinder is among the supported models, see the system requirements scheme pictured above).

For people who also wants to maintain the pedal brake in addition to the thumb brake. With this option, the customer must move the rear OEM master cylinder to the front (installed on TBS) and install the special IMA master cylinder to the pedal. Also in this case, we offer Racing B/Racing F versions (bar/fork installing).

Includes IMA billet master for both thumb and foot brakes. 


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