KTM Duke 890 890R CUSTOM MAP

$ 550.00 $ 650.00
Fuel Controller

The Dynojet Power Commander V fuel injection Module with Ignition adjustment

Pre-loaded with a completely custom EDR Performance map

EDR Performance is known for their KTM Moto America builds and tunes. We have perfected our KTM Duke 890 maps for the Power Commander for both professional and street riders alike. Our maps are based off of hours of time on the dyno with numerous bikes at the shop with a wide range of performance modifications.  


Please include in the notes section at checkout (or follow up with an email) about all of the modifications you have made to your KTM, as well as the type of fuel you are running and your riding style (100% track/race, 50/50 track & street, 100% street). 

We cannot make a custom map without this information. If we are not provided this information during our shortly after checkout we will reach out to you. However this may lead to delayed order shipment, especially during our busy summer months.  

Rapidbike EVO: Our recommendation for street bikes.  

Rapidbike RACE:


Power Commander: 2 options to run 

This is for those that want 100% of the bike custom tuned! We require the 2 x o2 sensors be disconnected/unplugged. You WILL GET CEL (Check Engine Light) on however this does not affect the bike running or working 100% as stock. This RACE map allows our tuner, Eric Dorn to install his fully custom tuned fuel and ignition map from idle to redline! This is our most popular map tune.

This is the same custom full Eric Dorn fuel and ignition tuned map, however you will leave the oem 2 x o2 sensors connected. You will have NO CEL. However due to the ecu on the KTM and with the o2 still connected we are unable to map BELOW roughly 4800 rpm. So idle, cruising and sub 5,000rpm will be 100% stock mapping.

Please be sure to specify in your order what map tune you would like. You can always email us at info@edrperformance.com with any questions or special needs. Thank you

Once you receive your unit, just plug and play like any other PC install. No uploading required.  

Dynojet unit features: Power Commander V is capable of allowing each cylinder to be mapped individually and for each gear with the gear position input connected
Can add any Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) switch and toggle between two different fuel maps
Build an adjustment table based on analog input such as boost and temperature
USB powered from computer; 9-volt adapter is no longer needed
Fuel control for each individual cylinder in a smaller enclosure
Gear/speed input allows for map adjustment based on gear
Analog input allows users to install any 0-5 volt sensor
Two-position map-switching function built-in
More tuning ranges than PCIII USB
Reduces size from the PCIII USB
Enhanced "accel pump" utility
Made in the U.S.A.
Easy to install


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