Vandemon Performance Yamaha MT09 FZ09 XSR900 Titanium Doughnut Exhaust & Carbon Fiber Muffler 2016-20

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Yamaha MT09 FZ09 Vandemon Titanium Doughnut Exhaust & Carbon Fiber Muffler 2014-20

Production Years 2014-20

Surface Finish: Polished Titanium

So you are a lucky owner of a Yamaha MT-09 or FZ-09. But that fantastic sound from that triple engine is hidden by a restrictive exhaust, and everything else on offer is dull and overpriced, but you want something special. Well, Vandemon brings you an exhaust system that not only delivers a great sound but will also deliver on performance and style. 

After just one ride the highly polished titanium used for this exhaust will color to all colors of the spectrum and be a real attention grabber. 

Why have a Doughnut in the mid-pipe? 

The longer exhaust length of the doughnut design will achieve better Torque and HP via improved exhaust extraction over a shorter exhaust. 


  • Material - Ti1 Titanium
  • Headers- Polished Titanium Doughnut design 
  • Muffler - Carbon Fibre Construction with Titanium Chassis 
  • Mounting Kit- Muffler Bracket and Carbon Fibre Muffler Strap
  • 12 x 1.25 & 18 x 1.5mm O2 Sensor Bungs 
  • Power Gain - 7hp @ 9800rpm
  • Torque Gain - 6N/M @ 5000rpm
  • Noise rating 82DB ( 96DB baffle out )
  • Welding process: Precision Tig



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