Vandemon Performance Yamaha MT09 FZ09 XSR900 Titanium Exhaust & Carbon Fiber Muffler 2014-2020

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Yamaha MT09 FZ09 Vandemon Titanium Exhaust & Carbon Fiber Muffler 2014-20

Production Years 2014-20

Surface Finish: Brushed Titanium

So you are a lucky owner of a Yamaha MT-09 or FZ-09, but that fantastic sound from that triple engine is hidden by a restrictive exhaust, well here is the ultimate fix that does away with the restrictive catalytic converter and provides vastly improved flow via Ti1 Titanium headers & link pipe, exiting via a carbon fiber skin muffler with a titanium chassis that won't deteriorate with age. Apart from an amazing sound the Titanium will color after just one ride and become a standout talking piece.  

This Exhaust option retains the center stand and doesn't need removal, unlike our Doughnut exhaust option that we also offer. 

We at VANDEMON recognize this and manufacture Exhausts for people who want to stand out from the crowd and be heard as well as unlock the full potential of their machine.

Our MT-09 FZ-09 Full Exhaust delivers three significant performance enhancements.

  1. Reduction in weight for improved Acceleration, Stopping distance and Handling.
  2. Free Flow via elimination of unnecessary baffling for improved Hp
  3. Increase low RPM torque from specially designed tapered headers

All this is achieved with a notable style from the use of high-quality materials and precise, welds by craftsmen.

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