$ 151.00

Introducing the Racetorx Neutral lever Kit, a cutting-edge product designed specifically for high-performance superbikes utilized in prestigious racing events such as WSBK, BSB, and MotoGP. This innovative kit is compatible with racing gearboxes, including the NOVA gearbox, which features an additional actuator within the gearbox for a separate lever. The Racetorx Thumb brake is the only thumb brake with an incorporated neutral lever system, providing effortless neutral activation. On superbikes, an additional lever is required to activate neutral "below" 1st gear, rather than between 1st and 2nd gears. With the Racetorx Neutral lever Kit, riders can enjoy seamless and efficient neutral activation, enhancing their overall racing experience. Invest in the Racetorx Neutral lever Kit today and take your superbike racing to the next level.


If you require the thumb brake and neutral system together please get in touch so we can adjust the price as you will only require a single bar perch.

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