EDR Performance Fork Travel Indicators 41 - 44 mm Red Blue Green Black

$ 12.00
Vendor: EDR Performance

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SKU: EDRforktravelind-1

EDR Performance fork travel indicators are here!

-No more ugly zip ties

-No more rubber bands that dry rot and fall off

-No more guessing on your fork travel

-Instantly drops your lap times .00000000000001 :) 



The EDR 41mm-44mm Fork Travel Indicator is the perfect choice to measure your fork's travel accurately.

This high-quality indicator has a fork tube diameter range of 41mm-44mm tube size, features a plastic inner slider with an anodized aluminum outer band and is designed to give you a reliable estimate of your fork travel so you can make the necessary adjustments + it looks way cooler than a zip tie!


Sold individually, one per order

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