2011+ Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R/ZX10RR EDR Shark Fin Chain Guard

$ 59.00
Shark Fin

After years of drilling swing arms for "guards" we knew that there had to be a better way so we decided to fix that! Introducing that latest EDR Performance product, our 100% bolt on chain and sprocket guard.

100% designed and manufactured in house, our newest bolt "shark fin" for the 2011+ Kawasaki ZX10R/ZX10RR is ready to go! Many race clubs now require this guard, this is a very good investment even if you're a track day enthusiast!  

Only $59 (add your race number for an additional $25, please put in notes when ordering.)

Remember that we also offer our Delrin slider like swing arm spools for $25/pair!

Limited stock and are made to order if you want your race number, please allow lead time for customization and printing.

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