2015+, Yamaha, R1, Rear, Wheel, Guide

$ 99.00
Vendor: EDR Performance

Available: In stock

SKU: 15R1ChainTab

This guide for the 2015 Yamaha R1 will hold the wheel in place when the axle is removed, Must have a captive brake caliper for it to work properly.

To use this guide you MUST use a 520 chain/sprocket and shorten the sprocket studs so they are flush with the supplied nuts/washers.

To use the guide, remove axle nut and with one hand, unweight the wheel and push the axle out and the wheel will lean slightly to the right but will stay in place and wait for you to remove it,  the guide rides on the sprocket carrier when axle is out,  To install axle use one hand to unweight the wheel and push the axle in place.
**These are available for local sale, please allow time to order if out of stock.**

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