Aprilia RS660 Steering Stop Kit

$ 36.00
Vendor: EDR Performance

Available: In stock

SKU: EDRRS660Steer

Aprilia RS660 steering stop kit.  100% BOLT ON! no drilling or modifications


The EDR Performance designed and produced steering stop kit is a MUST HAVE for anyone tracking their Aprilia RS660. We provide two solutions with this kit


1. Reduce the steering sweep. This will help avoid a "tank slapper" and allow the rider to better maintain control at high speeds

2. Reduce damage! The oem stops are metal and when a rider goes down or even has a very bad "tank slapper" they can damage the lower triple clamp and or frame! We have seen this often.  These EDR stops are made from Onyx impregnated carbon fiber so they will help absorb the impact and not transfer the damage to the frame and/or triple clamp!


The kit is 100% bolt on, under 5 mins and comes complete. Replacement pucks available for NO charge for a year! (only pay shipping cost) 

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