Domino Road racing single colored motorcycle grips

$ 24.95
Domino racing Bright blue motorcycle grips
Domino Racing red with white motorcycle grips

The Domino Racing MotoGP Grip was designed purely for road race competition. This unique motorcycle grip is a 2 color, dual thermoplastic compound system. The inner grip is a medium-firm compound, while the outer is soft. Together, they provide a comfortable feel at the palm with a progressive firmness – not a soft spongy feel common on many grips. This grip has been, and continues to be, proven on some of the fastest MotoGP teams


The Domino Racing MotoGP Grips are 125mm (5″) in length, but have a unique inner “lip” that can be easily removed with a sharp blade to reduce the length to 120mm (4 3/4″). These grips have open ends to work perfectly with bar ends. Both grips have 3 molded grooves for seamless safety wire installation.


Grip Features

Dual compound grip designed with hard and soft compounds for road race conditions

Dimpled pattern for sure grip and lasting comfort

Used by more MotoGP teams than any other grip

Grip flange is 46mm ( 1 3/4″). O.D. of grip is 30mm (1 3/16″)

Adjustable 120-125mm (4 3/4 – 5”) length grips are made in Italy

Sold in pairs for 22mm (7/8”) handlebars with twist throttles

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