EDR Kawasaki Ninja 400 (EX400) Velocity Stacks

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Vendor: EDR Performance

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The EDR Performance Ninja 400 Velocity stack kit
Our Velocity are game-changers.
Dyno-proven gains don't lie! Nearly 10% at the rear wheel!  That is huge on these little guys!
Developed in house on simulation software, the race track and then backed by dyno testing with real work data. Our stacks improve torque/HP to smooth power delivery. Our stacks provide a smooth power. This allows the rider a true feel for the throttle giving more accurate throttle inputs, improves confidence to get on the throttle sooner, and boosts rider confidence.
The production stacks are produced with the highest quality Onyx + Carbon Fiber reinforcement. These stacks are for race use, off-road competition use only. Not road legal!
These kits do not contain instructions, they are intended for race technician installation. Stock rubber velocity stacks will need to be cut and reused to install EDR velocity stacks that way we can keep the cost down for the Ninja 400 owners!

These products are intended for closed course off road competition use only. Use of this product for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. Buyer assumes all responsibility to local laws, regulations and use.  Racing parts are never legal for sale or use in California or any pollution controlled vehicle.

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