EDR Performance Steering Stop Set for front forks - Universal Racing Trackday Street

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EDR Performance Steering Stop Set


For years racing and track day bike have reduced steering to help in case of a headshake or even more so in case of a crash to help protect the front forks and or steering triple clamps!

How many times have you seen a snapped off steering stop on the lower triple clamp? 

Well, no more. EDR Performance envisioned a much better super affordable and universal solution!

In a violent headshake or even a crash, our kit will help to protect the front forks and the frame area, especially the steering head from major damage! More importantly, it also protects your hands and arms from being trapped. 
Our material properties of the limiters are selected in such a way that the impact damping is initially soft and becomes progressive as the steering angle increases. We have specially designed the internal structure of the steering stops. They will help absorb the impact energy, protect the original steering stops and reduce the risk of bending or breaking the standard steering stop and or front forks!

For technical reasons, the protective function requires a slight reduction in the steering angle, which is inconspicuous in everyday use. The EDR Performance steering stop kit is designed for the racer and track day rider in mind, however many street riders can benefit from them. However, the function of the steering lock may be affected.
Mounting the two steering stop limiters is very simple: they are first attached to the fork legs with a concealed, high-quality 3M adhesive tape and then attached with a robust cable ties that fits inconspicuously into the circumferential grooves provided for this purpose.

Our energy-absorbing limiters protect the original steering stops in the event of a falling over or fall and reduce the risk of bending or breaking off

  • Easy mounting
  • Limiting and damping the steering stop
  • Functional and integrated design
  • EDR Performance Designed and produced product 100% in house
  • Universal fit! Can be used to stop fork on frame or center intake duct on some models
  • Made in USA
Technical Data
  • Material - Onyx carbon fiber impregnated material with energy-absorbing, progressive damping designed internal properties

Fitment: Universal 

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