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The EDR Performance 2017+ GSXR1000 and GSXR1000R Velocity stack kit is here! This has been our most requested kit. 

The 2017+ GSXR1000/R is known for amazing midrange and grunt off corners. However, every GSXR owner we know of asks for more top end, better peak power, and less torque drop off up high. So for the 2017+ GSXR1000/R we focused on just that! Designed in house using our Solidworks programming and top of the line Markforged 3D printers with many hours spent on simulation software to get the most top end and upper-midrange power while keeping that patented acceleration and midrange the GSXR is known for! We then tested them on not 1 but 3 2017+ GSXR1000's. 

We made the decision to remove the upper injector towers as part of the performance stack design. Airflow is greatly disrupted by these and they also impede regular service! To clean your air filter you have to remove the upper injection rail before opening the airbox AND they easily break! We have seen multiple 2017+ GSXR1000s with broken towers due to overtightening. Our kit eliminates this so you can simply remove the 8 oem screws on the airbox lid and pivot the lid back to remove/clean your air filter! No more messing with the upper injectors! Our kit includes 2 oem upper injector bolts (see red circles in pic) that we drill for cotter pins. We install the fender washers and nyloc self locking nuts and while we feel that alone is more than functional, we take the extra time to drill the 2 bolts and include cotter pins so you can ensure these never come loose! (See red circles in under lid pic) 

We have posted two dyno charts for you to see:

The First is a 2017 GSXR1000 with Yoshimura kit camshafts, Yoshimura full racing system exhaust,  Flashed ecu, Yoshimura Kit 2 layer (higher compression) head gasket and Yoshimura modified oem velocity stacks on 92 pump fuel.  Even with it having modified velocity stacks we were able to gain an additional +3-5 rwhp!  The owner after we installed on a track day was shocked at how much more trap speed he felt...he said "I dont feel like I have to short shift at 12,000rpm I can take it to 14,000 and it she still pulls hard, thanks guys!"

The Second is a 2018 GSXR1000R with a Yoshimura full racing system, flashed ecu and stock engine, pump 92 fuel. Here you can see JUST our stacks change.. a whopping +8 hp up top where riders have begged for but we also saw an average of +4hp from as low as 5,000 rpm the entire power band!! 

We have spent a LOT of time on this design as we wanted to maintain that smooth, linear power band and simply add to it!  This allows the rider a true feel for the throttle giving a more accurate inputs, improves confidence to get on the gas sooner, and boosts rider confidence!

*Please note the stacks are black once produced, blue is only for prototype/testing use. The production stacks are produced with highest quality Onyx + Carbon Fiber reinforcement. We cannot provide colors. These stacks are for race use, off road competition use only. Not road legal! Velocity stacks carry no warranty offered nor implied.

Kit includes

-1 left side velocity stack

-1 right side velocity stack

-1 ml red thread locking compound

-2 x M6 nylock locking nuts

-2 x M6 upper injector oem bolts safety drilled

-2 x M6 fender washers

-2 x cotter pins

These kits do not contain instructions, they are intended for race technician installation. 

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