$ 199.99

The EDR Performance 2015-2021 Yamaha R3 Velocity stack kit is a must have for R3 owners wanting more power and better throttle response! Also fits MT-03 models! Dyno-proven of nearly 10% gains don't lie!  Developed in-house on simulation software. We designed over 7 versions to test in our state of the art dyno facility and finally on the racetrack with real work data. Once our tuner found the best version on the dyno we had 2 test riders give their real world feedback. They are now ready to ship now! Our R3 stacks greatly improve the powerband of these small bore bikes, adding more power and torque everywhere in the powerband as well as holding peak power higher by +500rpm which really helps on those long straights. This allows the rider a true feel for the throttle giving more accurate throttle inputs, improves confidence to get on the throttle sooner, and boosts rider confidence. Our test riders were shocked at the increase in trap speed! One rider reported seeing 5 mph more top speed at Portland Intl Raceway!! 

The production stacks are produced with the highest quality Onyx + Carbon Fiber reinforcement on state of the art MarkForged 3D machines in house. Onyx is chemical resistant and can tolerate temperatures of nearly 300*F!  These stacks are of course not highway or road legal and may affect your warranty and or emissions requirement. They are intended for race use, off-road competition use only. Again Not road legal!  These stacks DO REQUIRE MODIFYING THE OEM STACKS for the rubber grommets. We do this to keep costs down. Other stacks don't compare to ours both on the dyno or in the real world and while they might include the rubber holders, they cost 40% more! We wanted to provide the BEST solution and at an affordable price. Customer installation is possible and the only difference for $80 savings with our kits is 2 mins of cutting! The right side stack is VERY tight and needs patience to install without damage. We tested a shorter version to make install easier, however the power was not as good, we never wanna compromise quality! Contact us if you have questions. 

These kits do not contain instructions, we can send diagrams to help. They are intended for race technician installation. This kit replaces the two oem velocity stacks, the kit includes 2 EDR velocity stacks and silicone glue for installation.  Installation takes about 20-3 mins total including removing the tank and airbox to install. Please note we HIGHLY recommend a replacement air filter like MWR, DNA or BMC, EDR Performance stocks these as well! Also we recommend removing the oem intake snorkel to help even more. The dyno chart shown is a stock engine 2016 R3 with MWR air filter, EDR Flashed ECU and rear tire at 35psi. The ONLY change was our velocity stacks and mapping adjusted so that both stock stacks and EDR stacks run have the best possible air fuel. 

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