EDR ZX6R Superbike Engine Package: ZX636cc or ZX674cc Kawasaki

$ 13,995.00
Updgrade to 674cc
Add Vandemon Full Titanium Exhaust
Add EDR Spec Oversize Radiator
Vendor: EDR Performance

Available: In stock


The 2013+ ZX6R (636cc) is one of the best all around bikes you can have as a track day weapon! With EDR Performance we take your Kawasaki to the next level! 

We offer 2 Superbike/Track day packages for the ZX636 platform. EDR 636 and an EDR 674

Both are absolute weapons and once completed with our supporting modifications/tuning you will have anywhere from 138-150+ rwhp!  Yep, you read that right! 

We have many of these 636cc builds running around the county, a few have shattered track records and embarrassed many liter bike riders! 

Eric Dorn, the founder of EDR Performance has built so many Kawasaki engines since the mid 90's and the ZX6 engine has always been one of his favorites to push to its maximum!

To help you understand it more we have created some information for you. 

1. What year  is required? 
2. What is turn around time? 
3. What is the maintenance required? 
4. What fuel do i have to run
5. What are the tuning options?
6. What else would I need on my bike to complete the package?
7. What does this build include? 

1. We offer this build for 2013-2024 ZX6R's. While the 2013-2018 and 2019+ vary a little bit, they are overall the same engine package.  We highly recommend you have a lower mile bike as it wont need additional unseen repairs or parts. 

2. Turn around time varies. We suggest you ship us your core engine in good running condition and that way you can keep riding your bike. Most of our clients buy a used street low mile engine off eBay or such for the same year as their bike gen, ship it to us and we build it. Once done they simply swap engines out and resell their stock engine. Of course many do ship us complete bikes to do it 100% from start to finish, ride in 110-120rwhp stock ZX6 and ride out an EDR Performance built/tuned ZX636 or ZX674! *contact us for complete bike builds

3. Maintenance is IDENTICAL TO STOCK! NO bullshit, no special needs. The only thing that is vital is 
A: Bike must be up to temp before riding it (even stock you should do this) 
B. Run a good engine out (We use Motul 300v 5w40) 
C run the PROPER FUEL for what we built and tuned it for! If you had us build and tuned for race fuel, then run that. Yes you can run our ZX6 superbikes on 92 pump gas however we must know this ahead of build as we build and tune the differently for the ability to safely run 92-93 pump fuel  Service intervals are simple, we recommend checking/cleaning spark plugs once a year, valve inspection once every two years and so forth.

4. Fuel again can vary, we can tailor it to run Pump 92, Pump 100, VP U4.4, VP MR12, VP MRXO1, VP T4, etc. Again the most important aspect is you commit to your fuel choice and we must confirm this with you ahead of build. MOST of our EDR Superbike engine clients run a mix 50/50 of super unleaded and 100 octane race fuel (Sunoco 100 or VP u4.4) that is super easy to get, does not cost much (raises fuel price for a track day by maybe $40) the most power will be based off a MR12 fuel build and tune requiring you run pure MR12 for this. *again contact us for dual/multiple map options

5. Tuning options are many. We include our EDR636 or EDRZX674 ECU base tune with this package, however as you know the 636 electronics are pretty limited so MOST of our 636 owners have us install/tune a piggy back like the Rapidbike Racing which is what we use the most, these systems allow you to add a quick shifter, adjust engine braking, add launch control and really nice is the addition of traction control! Also most run the Rapidbike MyTuning (Active real time auto tune) to further ensure reliability since fuel quality can vary and it will help adjust our base map tune from summer to winter. 

6. Other items needed and to be discussed with EDR are the following
A: Improved cooling. We have a custom oversized radiator for the 636 made for us out of Italy. These are currently $2,100 complete and can have mounts for a cooling fan for those in extreme temps (AZ/TX) or street builds, street builds 100% will need the fan option for stop lights, etc. includes race kit silicone hoses in blue, optional colors available at additional price. 

B: A GOOD full exhaust, again the exhaust is 100% vital on these we have a few options for them. We have great results with the exclusive EDR Designed Vandemon full titanium system as well as the Graves works full titanium or Spark WSBK Konix system. The EDR Vandemon full titanium system is currently $2,050, the Graves Works Titanium is $2,150 and the Spark WSBK Titanium is $2,150 as well as they offer a similar system in SS only that is only $1,450. You can of course use your own exhaust, but please discuss with us ahead of time, some do not clear the larger EDR Kit radiator. 

C: Velocity stacks, our EDR Velocity stacks are 100% required on 2013+ gen ZX636. These run $350/set

D: Good air filter is vital. We use the DNA Racing filter. MWR WSBK is an option for race use only however it does require more maintenance with cleaning once a month! 

E. Good chain sprocket, braking, etc remember you are adding more power and speed! Make sure you have the rest of the bike up to speed! 

7. This package is the engine and ecu EDR 636 package. It will include but not limited to, complete engine teardown, inspection, cleaning of all engine components and rebuild into a 636cc superbike. The 674 +2mm big bore upgrade also includes boring/replating cylinder crankcase and our proprietary 674cc pistons

Build parts include:
-EDR SBK Ported Cylinder head with full radius valve job, this is not based on the stock 636 cylinder head. We do a completely different cylinder head for both packages
-EDR spec valve springs + EDR spec Camshafts
-EDR spec 636cc std bore OR 674cc +1mm pistons
-EDR spec  ZX6R forged h-beam rods
-EDR lightened balanced and polished crankshaft
-EDR custom HD cylinder head stud kit
-EDR manual cam chain tensioner
-EDR custom race kit stator system
-EDR spec ceramic transmission bearing kit, transmission fully micro finished
-All internal components in-house microfinished, modified oem oil pump, modified oem slipper clutch with our clutch pack, all new bearings, seals and gaskets. etc

8. Optional upgrades:
A: Yoyodyne billet slipper clutch, we have worked with them to have one hold up to 150+rwhp $895
B; Custom Close ratio gear sets, replacement billet gears that are redesigned to ensure quicker shifts and the the ratios closer allows for much faster acceleration $2,100
C. Titanium hardware, complete engine fasteners in titanium/aluminum where allowed. Kit is $695 and drops nearly 2 lbs of lard! 
D. Rapidbike Racing fuel + ignition timing with EDR ZX636 or ZX674 base map $800, add on quick shifter $300, add on YouTune (Add traction control, launch control, monitors) $325 and MyTuning auto tune system $325
E: EDR Spec oversized radiator $2,100 *required
F: EDR spec Vandemon full titanium exhaust system $2,050

Total price on EDR 636 engine build + ECU Base flash $13,995 
Total price on EDR 674 engine build + ECU Base flash  $14,995

*must be a good condition lower mile currently running stock engine. EDR has complete stock engines to offer should you not want to send yours in or source one. Pricing is $3500 additional 

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