Fire Power Fully Automatic Battery Charger 12 V/2 AMP

$ 62.95 $ 69.95
Whether your motorcycle is a show stopper or you're storing it over the winter, keep it charged up and ready to go!

Charges and maintains all 12 volt lead acid, gel and lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)/lithium ion polymer powersport batteries
  • CONSTANT CURRENT CHARGE - If the battery voltage is over 10 volts, the charger will deliver a 2 amp charge until the battery reaches 14.2 volts
  • MAINTENANCE CHARGE - When the battery reaches 14.2 volts, the charger will automatically convert to maintenance mode. The charger will revert to charge mode when the voltage drops below a specified voltage
  • LOW VOLTAGE RECOVERY - If battery voltage is below 8 volts, the charger will apply a .2 amp charge to recover the battery, once the battery reaches 8 volts, the charger will apply a .5 amp charge, at 10 volts a full 2 amp charge is applied until the batte
  • AUTOMATIC VERIFICATION STAGE - Charger automatically stops charging if the battery does not reach at least 10 volts after 2 hours of charging
  • SAFETY - Power is not passed thru the charging leads unless they are connected to a battery
  • LED indicator light shows charging status
  • Includes heavy duty clamps and fused ring terminal SAE adapter

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