FTEcu Quickshift - Sensor (PUSH + PULL)

$ 220.00
FTECU Based Quick Shifter Replacement Sensor. The Flash Tune long awaited PUSH/PULL type sensor is now available! NOTE: Your bike must be autoblip compatible to utilize the push and pull at the same time. Otherwise use the function applicable for your bike.

This sensor works in PUSH/PULL (for quickshift configuration for GP or Standard Shift Pattern). This sensor also works as a replacement sensor for bikes that autoblip autoblip is available for (needs activation card). Manufactured by us here in the USA.

  • Note: Shift Sensor Connector with Red wire is for PUSH switch
  • Note: Shift Sensor Connector with Black wire is for PULL switch

This Sensor requires rods and a harness to be used on a bike. You will also need an FTEcu flash tune kit to active the shifting all sold separately. 

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