Galespeed Elaborate Clutch Perch Kit Ratio 32-34mm

$ 650.00
Galespeed Elaborate Clutch Perch Kit (long lever). Wire Clutch Perch Kit Standard Clamp with the Lever Ratio: 32/34mm. These advanced cable drawn perches are adjustable from 32 - 34mm ratios, lever lockout feature and connector or electronic switching. Galespeed's "Elaborate" line represents the elite line up of clutch offerings.

  • Variable lever Ratio : The GaleSpeed cable driven clutch perch features a unique variable lever ratio control system (selectable from 32 and 34mm positioning.
  • Folding lever blade : Folding lever blade reduces the risk of damage on the perch in the event of a tip over.
  • Quick release handlebar clamp : Quick and sage release system just be loosening one bolt.
  • Built-in bearing : Built-in bearing at the lever pivot makes for smooth movement
  • Available for 22.2mm diameter handlebars only
  • Fits 8mm cable drum only
  • Made from billet aluminum
  • Black ano perch / Black Lever


Note: The clamp might be broken by "over torque" in mounting. Please take full control of the torque; it is very dangerous. The tightening torque is 12 Nm for the M6 clamp bolt.

FITMENT: Multiple Bikes with Cable drawn clutches. This unit best suited for bikes above 600cc or when a greater leverage is needed (multiple use to rider choice)

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