$ 29.00

GUARD for the Racetorx Thumb brake


The racetorx guard is a 3mm thick stainless steel bracket that mounts on the bottom of the thumb brake to protect the thumb brake from drops mainly for motocross bikes, Though these will fit for any bike, we designed this specifically for motocross bikes due to the fact if a drop on the left side was to happen there is a chance it could land on a rock or tree branch etc.


Included in the kit-

  1. Stainless bracket guard
  2. Bolts to suit
  3. washers & Nuts.

The bracket will bolt to the bottom of the thumb brake, the x2 bolts mounting the master cylinder will be replaced with supplied bolts and once torqued up to 10.7nm you then use the washers and nuts to mount the bracket below.

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