EDR Performance main bearing and crankcase stud, bolt kit for the 2015 -2024 R1/R1M/R1S contains 59 pcs

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WORLD FAMOUS EDR R1 Crankshaft/Crankcase HD Stud kit!
EDR Performance is the worlds ONLY shop that has a complete main bearing and crankcase stud bolt kit for the 2015+ R1/R1M/R1S contains over 50 pcs. This kit has been used around the world in many top level racing organizations, often times by TOP teams though they cannot advertise this. 
We found the 2015+ R1 suffers from multiple design flaws; super long crankshaft, extremely thin cases/support, cross drilled oil feed from the end of the crank not the cases like most bikes. Add this all up and the fact they spin to well over 14,000 rpm and you can see why the cranks can "flex" and snap! We have seen and talked to well over 100 2015+ R1 owners that have suffered from the failures. Our stud kit came after years of development and as a solution to increase the durability and reliability of the engine! We have yet to hear of any crank failure in a R1 with our stud kit to date! 

(10 x M9 HD studs, 10 x 9mm high strength 12 point nuts, 10 x HD case hardened washers, 2 x M8 countershaft bolts and washers. 8 x M8 HD counter balancer bolts with washers, 8 x o-ring's for counter balancer bolts. 0.5oz of ARP bolt thread lube) All fasteners have a minimum tensile strength 1500N/mm²  

This HD Crankcase stud and bolt is heat treated 8740 Chrome moly with J-formed threads rolled, not cut!The HD main studs and bolt kits help prevent cases from moving around under power from high rpm and horsepower levels. This high strength kit can greatly help to prevent crankshaft damage.

Kit comes complete with studs, bolts, washers, nuts, o-rings as needed. Also included are detailed instructions along with ARP recommended thread lubricant as needed.  Installation is as easy as the OEM fasteners. These studs and bolts are reusable for multiple rebuilds, unlike the oem fasteners.

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