$ 171.00
The Racetorx Suzuka Endurance inspired fork paddock lift kit

This is first of its kind for the general public; super fast and stable front lift for pit-lane maintenance or general maintenance in your own garage: Whether you’re removing wheels, cleaning the front end, fitting tire warmers, etc., you no longer have to worry about stability and safety.

  • Honda SP (OEM Forks)
  • Honda SP (Ohlins Forks) FG43
  • Honda SP (style&performance Fork Bottoms) 28mm hole to hole distance M6bolts
  • Yamaha MT10 2015+ (OEM Forks) (not MT10 SP)
  • Yamaha R1 2015+ (OEM Forks) not Ohlins.
  • Honda CBR1000RR 2004 – Present (OEM Forks)
  • Honda CBR1000 SP1 2017 (Ohlins forks)
  • BMW S1000RR 2010-2019 (OEM Forks)
  • BMW S1000RR 2020+ (OEM Forks)
  • BMW S1000XR 2015+ (OEM Forks)

Questions we get asked-
Q- How do you remove the wheel/axle with them on?
A- You turn the pinch bolts out 1.5 turns, safe and supported on over 50% of the base of the fork.

Q- What stand can I use?
A- We have Harris Stands which we have modified for the better with Racetorx axle tubes, slugs and bobbins.

Q- Can you remove the wheel with this stand and is it safe?
A- As long as you also use a rear paddock stand for the support just like you would need to any other front stand then yes you can. The Racetorx paddock bobbins are designed to secure the forks in place and are much safer than other front stands on the market.

A- More weight on the front end? No thanks!
Q- The full kit weighs less than 140Grams

Q- I have an under yoke stand and it’s better so why would I need this stand?
A- Gary johnson TT and road racer uses the Racetorx Fork lifter kit on his BMW S1000rr for all quick pit Lane wheel changes as these are by far an easier option for pitlane use.
An under yoke stand is best in the pit garages due to being more useful as you are working more heavily on the bike

-Prong type stands that sit under the forks are unsafe and unreliable.
-Front stands with the vertical pins which sit in the fork base hole damage axles & can crack forks bottoms.

We make these for many makes and models already.

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