Vandemon Performance Kawasaki ZX-4RR Side Mount Titanium Race Exhaust System

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Kawasaki ZX4R-ZX4RR Side Mount Titanium Race Exhaust System

To complement the release of the exciting ZX4R to the Kawasaki range, Vandemon has designed a lightweight all-titanium race exhaust system to enable this high-revving model to achieve maximum performance.

Dyno tuners will be delighted to know they will be able to tune for maximum power gains knowing full well that Vandemon has not employed any sound retardation devices that would restrict the tuner's capability to get the best results. 


Made from all Ti1 Titanium weighing only 4.4kg significantly reduces the weight by 4.5kg which will also have a significant effect on acceleration and reduced stopping distances alone as well as improved suspension performance. For accurate tuning, to prevent unmetered oxygen contamination of the O2 Sensor the pipe in pipe slip joints are made from perfectly round 2.3mm CNC machined Slip Joints that maintain their shape for a gas-tight seal.

  • Material - Headers Ti1 Natural Titanium
  • Muffler - Titanium with Removable Silencer
  • CNC Machined gas-tight Slip Joints 
  • Total Weight - 4.4kg (OEM Exhaust 8.9kg) 
  • 12x1.25 & 18x1.5mm O2 sensor provision
  • Power Increase +5% without tuning +15% after tune. (ZX4R-RR) 
  • Noise 104Db or 101Db baffle in 
  • Application - Competition 

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