Vandemon Performance Yamaha YZF-R6 Full Titanium Exhaust 2008-2023

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Vendor: EDR Performance

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Yamaha R6 Vandemon Full Titanium Exhaust 2008-2023

 Made from high-quality Japanese Ti1 titanium & utilizing a carbon fiber tip all-titanium muffler. The complete system is much lighter than the OEM steel exhaust and the resulting reduction in weight noticeably improves directional changes in handling along with improved acceleration and reduced stopping distances. Varying tapered header and mid-pipe tube dimensions make for a noticeable increase in Mid-Range torque as well as peak Hp and that unique Vandemon sound


The surface finish is natural brushed titanium which when after one ride changes to all color's of the rainbow with the added advantage over stainless steel that titanium won't stain, corrode, or ever need polishing as titanium has a very high acid and salt resistance as well as dissipates heat twice as fast as steel.

  • Material: Ti1 Titanium 
  • Muffler Ti1 Titanium (Removable Silencer) 
  • Surface finish: Natural brushed
  • Weight: 5.0kg
  • O2 sensor provision 18 x 1.5mm 
  • Removable Silencer
  • Application: Street or Track


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