2006-2024 Yamaha R6 HD Cylinder Head Stud Kit

$ 269.00

EDR Performance, the proven leader in R6 engine builds & tuning has a solution for one of the weak links on the R6!

EDR Performance is a leader in R6 Performance & Engine Builds with multiple national championships, club championships around the world, HUNDREDS of race wins around the work, multiple track records, Daytona podiums and more. EDR built and tuned R6 engines have always been the top placing and highest trap speed 600 in the MotoAmerica/AMA series year after year.  

We are pleased to announce our custom HD Cylinder Head Stud kit availability for the R6 engines.

We have found the oem cylinder head bolts lack the strength to hold up to big power and high speeds. Not only in the fact it is a bolt, instead of an actual stud and the material is an extremely low quality at best.  For the average everyday commuter they are fine, but for those of you out ripping these things HARD, racing them, track-days and such the head gaskets will start to fail!  Our custom ARP 8740 Chrome moly stud kit gives you much higher clamping load on the cylinder head so when the pressure is up due to higher heat, more load, higher speeds,  more compression and horsepower, your head gasket will hold! 

We have found the R6 to be one of the most reliable engines out there, even our 140+ rwhp ones, however the head gasket does take a beating and typically will last only 1 season at best. Now with our stud kit that is a non issue!  Also our stud kit has the ability to be used again and again during refreshes, unlike the cheap oem bolts your stock engine uses that are one time use. If you are going to push your R6 the limit, insist on the best, EDR Performance Head Stud kits! 

Some may ask "But dont the R6 come with head studs?"  YES they do. However we have found several issues with these after building OVER 250 R6 engines. They simply are not strong enough to handle an increase in compression and power! Many of our race builds are running close to and even over 14:1 compression ratio, add this to an engine design that runs very high temps (mainly due to not having a true oil cooler, rather an oil water heat exchanger) the head gasket is THE NUMBER ONE FAILURE ON THE R6! Also many time when you are rebuilding the engine you have to surface the cylinder block, this means you must remove the oem studs and in doing so no matter how good a tool you use you can damage the threads and this in turn will throw off your cylinder head torque. So EDR solved all this with our completely custom HD cylinder head stud/nut kit. Not only do our cylinder head studs/nuts allow for greater cylinder head torque and the ability to contain all the power/heat and pressure. The studs have a recessed allen socket top, this allows your builder or yourself the ability to remove and reinstall several times with zero threat of damage to the threads! 

The studs are heat-treated 8740 chrome-moly, centerless ground, and have
J-formed rolled threads after heat treat for maximum strength. Heat treated to deliver strengths of 180,000-210,000 psi!

The kit comes complete with all the necessary HD cylinder head studs (10), HD cylinder head 12pt nuts (10), HD heat treated cylinder head washers (10), and both outer cylinder head bolts (2.- APR 300 SS for M6 bolts) Also included are detailed install instructions along with the proper recommended thread lubricant as needed.  Installation is as easy as the OEM fasteners.


These studs and bolts are reusable for multiple rebuilds, unlike the OEM fasteners.


Please note some products are intended strictly for non-road registered motorcycles used only in racing and off highway use. Buyer assumes all responsibility on their local laws rules and regulations. We adhere to the highest standards of tuning for performance while prioritizing reliability and rideability!!

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