EDR Performance GSXR 792cc forged piston kit 2006-2024 GSXR 750

$ 1,050.00
Generation of GSXR 750
EDR Performance Suzuki GSXR 792cc custom performance and racing piston kit

EDR Performance the leader in GSXR performance and race engines is pleased to announce our world famous "GSXR792 Engine" specific designed high compression piston kits, custom made to our specification by a world leader, JE Pistons USA. 

Unlike others that just simply wanna sell you an "off the shelf" piston kit, we have spent many years fine tuning our design, we have done OVER 50 GSXR792 engines, more than anyone in the world! This is our 8th generation piston, we continuously improve our design. Our piston kit is not only much lighter than off the shelf, but much stronger with our design. We have set the compression ratio to what we have found works perfect with our entire engine package! 

These pistons can be run with PUMP 92 octane fuel with standard cylinder head *MUST Consult with EDR Performance before committing to 100% pure pump gas.

Our 792 GSXR engines have produced OVER 170 rwhp (race fuel) and most will see gains of 15rwhp just with the piston kit alone, and gains of 35+rwhp can be had when our complete EDR Performance engine builds with our proprietary CNC ported + epoxy'd superbike cylinder head our EDR Performance GSXR camshafts. Nothing like having a bike that weights the same as a 600 but can smoke 1000'cc's!  

792cc with stock cylinder head will produce appx 13.8:1

Our 72mm is a +2mm oversized and will require the upper case half/cylinders be bored and replated *contact us if you want us to do for you* 

Please note you MUST CONTACT US ahead of time via email if you plan to run our GSXR792 piston kit on the street and/or pure 92 pump ags

Each forged piston is designed using an advanced 3D modeling software package and is qualified through a rigorous Finite Element Analysis entity. 3D modeling enables CP to check thicknesses and weights before manufacturing allowing CP to produce the strongest and lightest part for our design. CP has developed proprietary tooling, dedicated cutters and unconventional fixtures to ensure that each piston is produced to the highest quality. Their 5 axis electronic inspection equipment makes sure they manufacture parts to the tightest tolerances in the industry.

Advanced machining techniques enable CP to virtually create the shape of our piston. Strict quality control allows them to hold the closest tolerances in the industry. Among the many unique technological advances CP Pistons uses to ensure a performance edge, Maximum Internal Lightening (MIL) has quickly become one of the most effective. 

These products are intended for closed course off road competition use only. Use of this product for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. Buyer assumes all responsibility to local laws, regulations and use.  Racing parts are never legal for sale or use in California or any pollution controlled vehicle.

FITMENT: 2006-2024 GSXR750

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