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We all love our modern fuel injected bikes, but they just don't feel like they used to! The  EPA has created tighter and more stringent emissions requirements for bikes (not just exhaust emissions but NOISE emissions), Honda and other manufacturers have had to shrink their intakes and exhausts just to get the bike on the dealership floor.  That's where we come in...

This velocity stack kit improves power throughout the entire RPM range, especially in the midrange to top end, right where these CBR's need it! We kept the same power and torque curve as close as possible to the stock set up to ensure you have a smooth power band, however as you can see with our stacks the power does not drop off at the top end! It continues well past 13,000 rpm. This gives you, the rider, the confidence to get on the throttle sooner with a more predictable throttle response as well as a lot more top end power and speed!

These velocity stacks have been simulated with our Solid Works software, then extensively tested on our in house dyno with both the stock ecu and our flashed unrestricted ecu program. Finally we back them up on the race track.

*stacks are not available in colors, only black due to the Onxy+ Carbon filament *


Kit Includes:

1x Right Velocity Stack

1x Left Velocity Stack

1x Thread Lock packet

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