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The EDR Performance  VFR800 Velocity stack kit is finally here! For 20 years now VFR owners have begged for more power, easy upgrades, and a smoother powerband; especially the V-Tech version. After months of development and testing, our EDR VFR800 stacks are here! As any VFR800 owner knows, power gains are nearly impossible on this V4 Honda. 95% of the owners have slip-on mufflers (must do for the sound!) and a piggyback fuel tuner. Some have installed $2,000 worth of aftermarket headers to see 4-6 rwhp.  We wanted to give guys a way to get that 4-6 rwhp for far less money and make install something any owner can do with basic tools in the garage on a Sunday afternoon!  You can now get the same gains a full header provides (+4-6rwhp) but at 1/5th the cost and installed in minutes compared to 4+ hours like a header!

Developed in-house on simulation software, then tested, tested and retested in our state of the art dyno facility and on the road with 3 test riders giving real world feedback. The riders noticed instantly leaving the shop how much better the throttle response was, they all commented on how it seemed to keep pulling hard to redline, not falling off or running out of steam. Both these claims are backed up by the dyno results. The most common response by our street riders was the "Great intake roar you now get up on full throttle high rpm, not cruising or normal riding but when you are in the hills really winding the V4 out above 9000 rpm they sound incredible" 

Our stacks greatly improve the powerband of these V4 bikes, smoothing the midrange out as they make so much "grunt" and yet they "roll over" at the top end. Eric Dorn of EDR, spent hours getting the exact setup that would improve peak top end HP  as well as smooth out the power delivery. This allows the rider a true feel for the throttle giving more accurate throttle inputs, improves confidence to get on the throttle sooner, and boosts rider confidence. Honda is known to really "choke" the intake on their bikes for noise and epa requirements. 

Installation is a simple 10 minute job!

Simply remove the seat, remove top two tank bolts and lift the tank. Remove airbox lid, (**We highly suggest removing the intake snorkel at this time as it too greatly restricts air flow, dyno testing back to back shows zero loss of power or torque with it removed), then simply remove air filter (We highly suggest a GOOD high flow/reusable air filter like BMC or DNA, we do not recommend the K&N Filter due to inconsistent seal)  then you simply swap out the 4 stacks provided (reusing the oem screws with some red loc-tite (not provided), be sure to not over tighten these screws! If they strip they will damage the airbox/throttle body!) rebutton up lid, tank bolts and seat, go out and RIDE! 

While we do recommend always remapping to get the best air fuel as well as smoothest power, it is not required. We have had riders test without any mapping changes and still reporting great results with no downsides. 

The production stacks are produced with the highest quality Onyx + Carbon Fiber reinforcement on state of the art MarkForged 3D machines here at EDR Performance. Onyx is chemical resistant and can tolerate temperatures of nearly 300*F!  These stacks are of course not highway or road legal and may affect your warranty and or emissions requirement. They are intended for race use, off-road competition use only. Again Not road legal!

These kits fit the Gen 8 RC79 2014-2016 VFR800 models.

These kits do not contain instructions and should be installed by a technician.  This kit only replaces the 4 oem Velocity stacks, the kit includes 4 EDR velocity stacks. Installation takes about 20 mins total

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