EDR Yamaha R6 2008-2024 Velocity Stacks

$ 599.00 $ 749.00


The EDR Performance R6 Velocity stack kit for the 2008-2024 models. Dyno proven gains of up to +8hp!  Developed 100% in house on simulation software, produced in house on 1 of our 2 state of the art Mark Forged 3D machines and finally backed up on trace track with real world data. Our stacks greatly improve torque/HP to smooth power delivery. EDR Performance velocity stacks provide a smooth power while allowing the bike to continue making power all the way to redline. This allows the rider a true feel for the throttle giving a more accurate throttle inputs, improves confidence to get on the throttle sooner and boosts rider confidence.

We offer TWO designs. 

-Stage 1 is our proven velocity stack design with hundreds sold and used around the world! These give the smoothest power band you can get over any other velocity stack and we see gains of up to 9 rwhp while seeing NO loss of power and torque in the entire power band.

-Stage 2 Hi Rev is our latest upper stack design. While our Stage 1 velocity stacks have been proven around the world in dyno shoot outs, roadracing, street bike riding and track days, we wanted to create a design that would produce even more top end and top speed! These stacks provide near stock power levels from idle to 11,000 rpm but REALLY come on from 11,000-16,000 and can produce OVER 12 rwhp at 14,500 rpm. This is perfect for the R6 owner wanting maximum top end power, especially great for long road courses (Think PIR, Road America, Thunderhill, etc) or drag racing. These have been shown to produce OVER 15 rwhp on our EDR R636cc superbikes as well! 

See the attached dyno charts to help you decide on what Stage works best for you!

*Please note the stacks are black only! The black is proprietary, extremely high temp >145*c and race fuel resistant. Colored stacks are a material we use for prototype/testing use. The production stacks are produced with highest quality Onyx + Carbon Fiber reinforcement. We cannot provide colors. These stacks are for race use, off road competition use only. Not road legal!

These kits do not contain instructions, they are intended for race technician installation. 

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