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The EDR Performance Honda VFR800 Gen 6 (2002-2013) Velocity stack kit is here!

We have many VFR800 customers and the #1 performance comment has always been "I wish she had more top end!"  The VFR800 is one of the best all around bikes. However, in typical Honda form, it is very choked up! They do this for many reasons, mainly noise compliance.

These are the very stacks that SO many have left rave reviews on the VFR Owners Forums

We spent countless hours on the stack design for these engines as VFR owners are known to be very picky and have high expectations. The one thing we didn't want to do was lose any power! After several versions tested on our software and on the dyno, we finally found the perfect set up for keeping the oem power the same as stock below 9,000 rpm and yet were able to get up over 5 rwhp towards redline! Actually +10 rwhp on redline as the stock bike simply falls on its face above 9,500 rpm. These stacks allow you to keep the great riding characteristics of the V4 engine and also get a bit deeper growl upon full throttle that everyone loves. Then, when you are wanting to play in the twisties, pass that buddy of yours with ease! These stacks design allow the rider to use ALL of the revs Honda put in the great V4 engine to redline! 

The stacks do NOT require remapping, but we have found even better gains with proper mapping and this really smooths out the "hit" many riders feel when these V-tec engines in the 6,000-8,000 rpm range and the V-tec is in effect. 

The production stacks are produced with the highest quality Onyx + Carbon Fiber reinforcement on state of the art MarkForged 3D machines in house. Onyx is chemical resistant and can tolerate temperatures of nearly 300*F!  These stacks are of course not highway or road legal and may affect your warranty and or emissions requirement. They are intended for race use, off-road competition use only. Again Not road legal!

These kits do not contain instructions, they are intended for race technician installation. This kit replaces the 4 oem stacks, the kit includes 4 EDR Performance staggered velocity stacks. You simply remove the oem stacks and their mounting screws. The longer stacks are installed on the REAR cylinders and the shorter on fhte FRONT cylinders (aka front of airbox) . Install the oem screws into the EDR stacks, using blue/med loctite (do NOT muscle these and strip just install tight with the loctite) reinstall filter and lid then go out and rip it!   Installation takes about only 10-15 mins total


These products are intended for closed course off road competition use only. Use of this product for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. Buyer assumes all responsibility to local laws, regulations and use.  Racing parts are never legal for sale or use in California or any pollution controlled vehicle.

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